Peugeot 3 Litre Brooklands 1913

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Peugeot 3 Litre Brooklands 1913 by Esdo

- built
Kit available ESD111
Peugeot’s 1912 Grand Prix machines featured advanced engines with dual overhead camshafts and four inclined valves per cylinder. Having won several races in 1912, a pair of the cars were brought over to Brooklands for races early in 1913 to be driven by Georges Boillot and Jules Goux. Goux remained in England and with added streamlining fitted to his car he then set multiple class records on the banking. This is the car which Esdo say we have here but every photograph we have found shows the cars to be two seaters rather than the narrow single seat machine seen here. After our initial review of the model, we were provided with additional information by a reader (thanks Mike!) which tells us that this single seater was actually a three-litre machine, not the 7.6 litre it was listed as, which ran at Brooklands very late in the year. When compared with the period article on this car, the model looks very good (which is not what we suggested initially!). The castings are very crisp in the kit, needing just a few feed tags removing and a good clean to get rid of the release agent, which is common to all Esdo resin. The wire wheels are excellent, the finished model looks very attractive and now we know what it actually is, pretty accurate!

Description: Peugeot 3 Litre Brooklands 1913
Catalogue#: ESD111M
Product Type: Hand Built
Scale: 1:43
Event: Formula 1 or single seater
Colour: -
Drivers: Goux J
Sponsors: -
Dates: 1913
Race/Position: -
Release Date: November 2017
Weight: 325 grams
Comments: Brooklands

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