Voisin C3S 1st Strasbourg 1922 #12 Rougier

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Voisin C3S 1st Strasbourg 1922 #12 Rougier by Autocult

The Trick with the Width   

In 1922 Gabriel Voisin began to produce the automobile C 3 with his company Societé des Aéroplanes Voisin. It was driven by a 4-liter engine with an output of 81 hp. Most of the customers only bought the chassis to fit it with custom-made car body of an independent car body maker and although or perhaps for exactly that reason, the model advanced to a sales success.   There was also a sportive version of the C 3 available; a perfect precondition for Gabriel Voisin, who has always been attracted by spectacular sports and wanted his cars to compete in the Grand Prix A.C.F in Duppigheim near Straßbourg on July 16, 1922. But instead of competing in the highest racing class he went for a less noted classification. Only six cars; two Peugeots and four Voisins; went to the starting line. From this perspective the chance to succeed was quite good. But due to the fact that the Voisin race cars did not fulfill the regulations of the race it was initially not clear if a Voisin was allowed to compete in the race. The regulations required a minimum width of 130 cm and the Voisin race car measured only 90 cm. Gabriel Voisin, who considered this rule as absurd, was not willing to fundamentally change his slim body design. Nevertheless he wanted his cars to compete in the race. His solution for this dilemma was to fit an aerodynamically shaped extension to each side of the car body. With this smart idea he met the race regulations without changing the slim body design extensively.   The four race drivers Rougier, Duray, Gaudermann and Piccioni went to the start in their Voisins to compete against the other two opponents. The race result after 53 laps and 709 kilometers proved the 42-year-old Voisin to be right – Rogier won ahead of Duray followed by Gaudermann.

Description: Voisin C3S 1st Strasbourg 1922 #12 Rougier
Catalogue#: ATC01009
Product Type: Resincast
Scale: 1:43
Event: Touring Car & NASCAR
Colour: -
Drivers: Rougier
Sponsors: #12
Dates: 1922
Race/Position: Winner
Release Date: October 2019
Weight: 450 grams

Strasbourg Grand Prix, Touring Car class

Limited edition of 333 pieces.

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