Skoda 440 Spartak Polytex Roadster 1956

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Skoda 440 Spartak Polytex Roadster 1956 by Autocult

Fate of a prototype  

In the mid-1950s, Škoda was one of the most influential automobile manufactures in Czechoslovakia. In 1955 Škoda launched the Type 440 sedan and it remained in production with evolutionary upgrades until 1971. Soon after the beginning of production of the Type 440, an idea was put forth to develop a roadster body to be sold alongside the conventional notchback version.   Famed Czeck architect Otakar Diblik was commissioned to design a suitable car body. The new body provided the opportunity to test an alternative material than the commonly used steel and aluminum. Due to the lack of own experience, the production of the car body was contracted to a specialized company named “Konova”. The main body of the new cabriolet design was hand laid in one piece. The doors and hood were formed as separate pieces fitted to the main body. A removable roof was fitted that used Plexiglass, which was completely clear. With a total weight of only 56 kg (123.2 pounds), the body was very light. Painted in a striking color combination of light blue on the lower and ivory on the upper surfaces it was quite appealing to all who saw it. The prototype engine was a 1,089cc design that produced only 40 horsepower and provided a top speed of only 120 km/h (72 mph). Difficulties with the glass roof and sagging interest of the originators led to the fact that the project was no longer pursued. The car disappeared in the early 1960s and was stored in a boiler room.   Today, the prototype is resurrected and is restored in a form very close to the original form although the roof is different.

Description: Skoda 440 Spartak Polytex Roadster 1956
Catalogue#: ATC06028
Product Type: Resincast
Scale: 1:43
Event: Road, Concept Cars
Colour: Two-tone Cream & Blue
Drivers: -
Sponsors: -
Dates: 1956
Race/Position: -
Release Date: Due: 01/2019
Weight: 450 grams
Comments: Limited edition of 333 pieces.

About Autocult

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