Ford Escort RS Tour de Corse 1980 Monte Carlo 1981 Publimmo Decal 1:24

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Ford Escort RS Tour de Corse 1980 Monte Carlo 1981 Publimmo Decal 1:24 by DMC

Ford Escort RS TDC/MC80/81 Publimmo
Made to fit Italeri kits
With the recent release of Italeri’s Escort kit, the appearance of numerous alternative liveries was inevitable! Most of these are re-issues from DMC and there are some all new ones to come as well. When we look down the entry lists for the rallies in the late 70s, in many cases Escorts make up half the cars and that’s the case for the 1976 RAC. Pentti Airikkala was excluded in his #22 machine, while Roger Clark went on to win in the Cossack car. Both of these need a simple single colour paint finish and include all stripes. Both 1978 cars will need masking, with Vatanen’s fifth-placed Swedish mount red over white and Russell Brookes’ Circuit of Ireland winner needing a three-colour finish of yellow, white and blue. The Publimmo machine is another single colour finish, a bright blue, and this time there are three options to choose from, Vatanen on the Monte in 1981, Waldegaard’s 1981 Monte and Loubet for Corsica 1981. The decal print isn’t quite as crisp as Studio 27 or Renaissance, but at these prices they offer great value.

Description: Ford Escort RS Tour de Corse 1980 Monte Carlo 1981 Publimmo Decal 1:24
Catalogue#: DMC24336
Product Type: Decals, Accessories
Scale: 1:24
Event: Monte Carlo, Rally
Colour: -
Drivers: Loubet, Allemany, Waldegaard B, Thorzelius, Vatanen A, Richards D
Sponsors: #1, 5, 37, Publimmo, Venere
Dates: 1980, 1981
Race/Position: -
Release Date: October 2017
Weight: 25 grams
Comments: Made to fit Italeri kits

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