Porsche 917K Brands 1971 Martini

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Porsche 917K Brands 1971 Martini by Hiro

Porsche 917K Brands Hatch 1971 Martini
Alternative version HIR43612 1st LM HIR43613 LM Monza Gulf HIR43614 Monza Martini & HIR43616 Austria Martini
The core parts of these kits are all very similar with the extremely fine chassis frame 3D printed in resin and the majority of the other parts cast in very clean white metal. There’s full engine and chassis detailing to enjoy and the body parts are in multiple pieces. This allows for plenty of variation and there are some pretty obvious changes on some versions and very subtle ones on others. The Le Mans winner and Austrian kits are single option, while the others all offer multiple team cars. On the Martini Monza and Brands Hatch cars, one example on each occasion ran with snorkel air intakes and the sister car was more conventional in appearance. These changes are all clearly shown in the assembly and decal placement instructions. Great projects, whichever you choose.

Description: Porsche 917K Brands 1971 Martini
Catalogue#: HIR43615
Product Type: Resin/Metal Kit
Scale: 1:43
Event: GT & Sports Car Racing
Colour: -
Drivers: Elford V, Redman B, Larrousse G, Van Lennep G
Sponsors: #8, 9, Martini Racing
Dates: 1971
Race/Position: -
Release Date: October 2017
Weight: 250 grams
Comments: Brands Hatch 1000kms. High detail kit with removable/opening panels. Released 19/10/17

About Hiro

High detail, multi-media kits for the more experienced builder. Also a selected range of excellent accessory parts for use with resin and plastic kits. Always pushing the latest technology. In larger scales (1:12, 1:20 & 1:24) bodywork typically in extremely crisp resin with the mechanical parts usually in white metal and plenty of etch and machined metal also included. 1:43 kits made with similar level of detail and precision as the larger offerings, but here the majority of parts are white metal, although in some cases we also see 3D printed resin chassis frames! Also an excellent range of photo reference magazines for a wide range of subjects. Made in Japan.

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