Bernie, The Biography

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Bernie, The Biography by Book

weight 1.2kg by Susan Watkins
Love him or loath him, there is no doubting that Bernie Ecclestone has had a huge impact on the sport of Formula 1. The public image is one of a hard nosed, shrewd and sometimes ruthless businessman but according to those who are close to him he is also a warm and fun loving individual. One such close friend is Susan Watkins, wife of Professor Sid Watkins, and here she gives an unparalleled insight into the complete Bernie. From his early childhood in rural Suffolk, on to the suburbs of London where he showed a head for business at an early age working pre-school paper rounds and setting up his own unofficial tuckshop at school, and on into the motortrade. His energy and diminutive size earned him the nickname ‘The Whippet’ among the east London car dealers but they had deep respect for his business sense. His competitive spirit led to amateur racing in a number of different vehicles and here he met future business partner Max Mosley, the pair going on to ultimately run the whole of F1.

Description: Bernie, The Biography
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Release Date: March 2019
Weight: 1200 grams
Comments: 416 pages, 35 pictures

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