Saab 93 Le Mans 1959 #43

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Saab 93 Le Mans 1959 #43 by JPS

Saab 93 12th Le Mans 1959 #44
Also available JPS412 #43
We usually associate Saab with rallying but they made one appearance at Le Mans, with a pair of privately entered 93s in 1959. The dark-coloured #43 car retired early on with engine trouble but the grey #44 machines two-stroke 3-cylinder engine kept going to bring the car home twelfth overall and third in class. Apart from paint colour on the well finished bodyshells and the decal sheets, the kit parts are nearly identical and offer very simple builds. There is detail painting to do on the interior and for lights and trim parts on the body, small castings are included for the side-exit exhaust, steering wheel, road wheels and some additional lamps and etched wipers to finish things off. Quick, easy builds of unusual Le Mans subjects but, and it’s a big BUT, there is a question on colours for the #43. Period colour images are inconclusive, but period written information we have suggest that the British team running the car arrived to find that the #44 Swedish car was the same grey as theirs and so hastily repainted the car British Racing Green before the race. Not black as the model is.

Description: Saab 93 Le Mans 1959 #43
Catalogue#: JPS412
Product Type: Painted Kit
Scale: 1:43
Event: Le Mans
Colour: -
Drivers: Hurrell S, North R
Sponsors: #4, S Hurrell
Dates: 1959
Race/Position: -
Release Date: February 2018
Weight: 250 grams
Comments: Released 29/01/18

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