Gobron-Brillie 1903 84.73mph

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Gobron-Brillie 1903 84.73mph by Touchwood Models

Gobron-Brillie Oostende/Dourdain 1903
Hand built available TWM43015M
The early days of speed records saw rapid increases and in 1903 Belgian Arthur Duray became the first man to exceed 80mph with a run at Oostende in July and raised the bar again in November in Dourdain. Both options are offered in the kit, the difference being on the initial run the car had some racing numbers fitted and on the second it was plain. As the first run was the most significant, this is the one which has been concentrated on for the hand built model and it is very well finished. The kit will require the painting of various details and sub-assemblies before final build and the finished model shows that with care it all goes together very well. The body and lower pan are in resin with the chassis, wheels and majority of other parts are in white metal and a small amount of etch is included for some of the finer details including the drive chains. The paint used has a satin finish on the main body and gloss on the chassis, which adds interest and the decals are very finely printed, reflecting the rapidly hand painted numbers on the full-sized car.

Description: Gobron-Brillie 1903 84.73mph
Catalogue#: TWM43015
Product Type: Resin/Metal Kit
Scale: 1:43
Event: Speed Record
Colour: -
Drivers: Duray A
Sponsors: #80
Dates: 1903
Race/Position: -
Release Date: November 2017
Weight: 250 grams
Comments: Ostende 83.47mph, Dourdan 84.73mph

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