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Ferrari 312T2 1st Germany 1977 #11 Lauda 1:12
Ford Escort RS1600 1st Welsh 1972 #1 Clark/Porter 1:18
Ferrari 288 GTO Red
McLaren MP4/2B F1 1985 #1 Lauda 1:18
Simca 1501 Coupe Heuliez 1968 Yellow
Based on the V12 XJS, Bertone's Ascot concept broke cover at the 1977 Turin show, finished in crisp white to make for quite a head-turner. The low line looks were appreciated, the four seat (well, 2+2!) interior comfortably appointed and a hatch back offered access for golf clubs. Sadly this beautiful machine remained a one off, although it was refreshed with a gold paint finish for later show appearances. Matrix's models are crisply moulded, very well finished and pick up on the subtle tweaks made to the body when the colour change took place. ....
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The unknown Car  

In the German history of Ford, there is a car about which historians remained silent as yet. Apart from two contemporary photos, there are no literary documents about the prototype, which was set on wheels for the big advertised, but never held, long distance race from Berlin to Rome in the autumn of 1938. Since the regulations for this prestigious race, which was initiated by the highest authorities, only allowed cars built between 1936 and 1938, the participating manufacturers created extra-fast passenger cars within a short time. As the major part of the competition should took place on the political flagship project of the “autobahn”, a powerful engine and an aerodynamic body were the top priority. While the assembled cars of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Auto-Union, and above all Porsche are well known, the car planned by Ford Germany fell completely into oblivion.   The car was powered by a powerful V8 engine. Regarding the bodywork, the Cologne-based company relied on the cooperation with the company ‘Karosseriewerk Weidenhausen’ from Frankfurt. Probably at the beginning of 1938, the order of an extremely aerodynamic body for the car with which Ford planned to participate in the prestigious German/Italian long-distance race was placed. Influenced by the current findings of vehicle aerodynamics at the time, Karl Weidenhausen designed a teardrop-shaped look. The interior offered space for only two passengers; driver and co-driver. Striking for the car body design was the most widely abandonment of any interruptions in the entire shape. Unfortunately, the prototype did not survive and also historical documents are apparently no longer available. Therefore it also remains questionable how the Cologne company continued to use the sporty two-seater after the long-distance race was cancelled only one week before the planned start on September 26 in 1938 without any explanation.

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Avenue 43: Delivery with two new unique road/concept cars added to this fascinating range.
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Model Car Group: sadly no images to tease you with but news of 1:18 Ford Granada Mk1 & Ford Capri Mk2 X-Pack models to come in several colours each at some point in the future...
Ixo: celebrating the 25th anniversary of Colin McRae's 1997 RAC rally win, 1:43 Subaru, Ford & Mitsubishi works cars plus 1:18 Monte Carlo 2022 Loeb/Formeaux Fords, Neuville/Tanak Hyundais & Mikkelsen Skoda for pre-order...
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Matrix: hold on to your hats with this new model announcement, two classic colours of the, wait for it, 1970s Austin 1300 Mk3. Now please form an orderly queue...
Touring Modelcars: new range of diecast 1:18 featuring opening doors & bonnets. Each model will be released in a limited edition of a maximum of 850 pieces, the first three - 1966 Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto Spider, 1975 Ford Granada Coupe Series 2 & Opel Commodore B Coupe - not due until the end of next year...
New Books: have a look at adding 'Grand Prix Winning Colours', 'Lime Rock Park', 'S.F. Edge' & 'The 8C Story Continues' (an addendum to Simon Moore's previous Alfa books) to your knowledge library...
Tecnomodel: is looking to issue a series of 1:18 resincast 1974 Formula 1 Brabham BT44s raced by Reutemann, von Opel & Watson plus 2020 McLaren Elva in three colour choices...
Tecnomodel: First delivery of 1:18 Ferrari 246SP & 268SP with Press, Le Mans, Nurburgring & Targa Florio options.
DSN 43: 1:43 3D printed resin models of Bob Wollek & Jean-Pierre Jabouille's Canon sponsored Chevron B21 1972 Paris 1000kms & 1979 RAC rally Saab 99 #22 are on the production list for June...
KK Scale: has added another group of new 1:18 diecast models to its future plans with the 1986 Porsche 924 Turbo (in silver and the unusual two-tone of the day), 1949 Spa & Mille Miglia winning Ferrari 166MMs & Monza & TT winning Ferrari 250SWBs. We are querying the colour of the Moss car and roundels...
Looksmart: the first three Le Mans 2021 1:43 Ferraris are on the way and expected at the beginning of June. Fittingly this includes the #51 Pro & #81 Am AF Corse class winners plus the #47 Cetilar sponsored car...
Spark: expected during week 22 is the 2021 Le Mans winning Toyota and what appears to be the balance of the grid just in time for this year's race. It's not all LM, with Brabham, Lotus, Matra, Porsche & Vanwall single-seaters, DTM BMW & Porsche 917/10s...