Miele K1 1912 Red

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Miele K1 1912 Red by Autocult

Late Homecoming  
The four-wheeled era at today’s appliance manufacturer Miele, based in Gütersloh, lasted less than two complete years – in fact, from April 2, 1912, to February 26, 1914.   At the beginning buyers of a ‘Miele’ car had the option between two different engines. A in-line four-cylinder drive with a displacement of 1,568 cc and a performance of 20 horsepower and a larger four-stroke engine with a displacement of 2,292 cc and a performance of 28 horsepower. For the year 1914 a third engine with 1,821 cc and a performance of 22 horsepower was added to the portfolio. Miele chose a ladder frame as the chassis, on which the car body was fitted. For the car body the possible buyer had also several options to choose from. The lowest priced design was a “two-seated torpedo phaeton” followed by a “four-seated torpedo double phaeton. For tradesmen a two-seated box-type van with iron framework, canopy a payload of 400 kilograms was available. According to the chassis and the motorization three different types, which Miele referred to as the ‘K1’, ‘K2’, and ‘K3’ were produced. The manufacturing of motor cars in Gütersloh was maintained until 1914 despite modest production figure. The cessation of the manual production followed by the insight that it was very difficult to gain a foothold in the automotive segment.   One of the manufactured cars went to Norway in 1913, where it was registered for traffic with the license plate A-5141. During this time, it was used for both taxi operations and the schooling of chauffeurs. In 1927, the car was sold, remained family-owned and was passed on in its original condition until the 1960s. A North German traveller recognised the K1 during his holiday in Norway and remembered that the company, based in Gütersloh, had been looking for a copy of this particular car for years. The procurement of its own car was so important to Miele that they advertised a reward of 5,000 German Marks. At the intercession of the holidaymaker, the Norwegian owner and the former 

Description: Miele K1 1912 Red
Catalogue#: ATC01014
Product Type: Resincast
Scale: 1:43
Event: Road
Colour: Red
Drivers: -
Sponsors: -
Dates: 1912
Race/Position: -
Release Date: October 2021
Weight: 450 grams
Comments: Limited edition of 333 pieces

About Autocult

A relatively new maker of very well finished resincast models, established in 2015. Very imaginative choice of subjects, often concentrating on the more eccentric episodes in motoring history! Production limited to 333 pieces of each subject, which often means that we get one delivery and that is it, so pre-orders strongly recommended!! Made in China for Germany.

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