Bentley Type R Bensport La Sarthe 2021 Grey

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Bentley Type R Bensport La Sarthe 2021 Grey by Autocult

Reviving old values  
First of all: If you have irrevocably lost your heart to a historic, original Bentley or an Rolls Royce, this model will not please you! On the other hand, if you can rejoice in an extremely successful mixture of traditional British vehicle technology of the highest level, paired with modern comfort, you should like this modernly trimmed Bentley.   As can be seen in the initial lines, the noble manufacturer ‘Bensport Ltd.’ is probably splitting the scene of fans for classic, noble, British cars like Bentley or Rolls Royce. Bensport dared not only to set hands on two sacred British car brands, but also to raise the end result to a creation that reflects the “state of the art”. At the plant in Ilminster, original Bentleys, preferably one of the R-Type Continentals, which were produced only 207 times in the 1950s and which are now highly coveted and searched by classic collectors, are currently being dismantled, improved and rebuilt. Bensport leaves it to the customers to put together their “new-old car” individually or rather to have it rebuilt. Electric windows, heated seats, a heated rear window or electronic display instruments at the dashboard, designed in the classic Bentley look, represent only a minimal excerpt from the range.   The company Bensport has committed itself to the philosophy of launching the sophisticated Type R as the only model in their offerings that they will produce in only 24 examples. The chosen design is strongly based on the look of the 1950s with some nice features, such as the two ‘LeMans’ style tank filler necks attached to the upper rear. Whether the touch of racing convinces the fanbase and whether the adaption of the great racing victories is enough to at least revive the myth, only time will tell. Notwithstanding the above, the designer of Bensport have undoubtedly performed a very classy blend of modern technology and the familiar British Bentley “look”.

Description: Bentley Type R Bensport La Sarthe 2021 Grey
Catalogue#: ATC05038
Product Type: Resincast
Scale: 1:43
Event: Concept Cars, Road
Colour: Grey
Drivers: -
Sponsors: -
Dates: 2021
Race/Position: -
Release Date: February 2022
Weight: 450 grams
Comments: Limited edition of 333 pieces

About Autocult

A relatively new maker of very well finished resincast models, established in 2015. Very imaginative choice of subjects, often concentrating on the more eccentric episodes in motoring history! Production limited to 333 pieces of each subject, which often means that we get one delivery and that is it, so pre-orders strongly recommended!! Made in China for Germany.

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