Opel Rekord P1 Caravan Fuel Economy Record 1973 Visser

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Opel Rekord P1 Caravan Fuel Economy Record 1973 Visser by Brausi

Shell (1939 to today: Shell Eco-marathon) and Exxon Mobil (better known in Germany as Esso 1936-1968) discovered the topic of 'fuel efficiency' for themselves as early as the 1930s. Two oil companies, whose profits were closely linked to motorization and the mobility of society, launched competitions 90 years ago to find the most fuel-efficient vehicles and their inventors. Each year, a driving competition was held to see who could get the most mileage out of a U.S. gallon of gasoline (= 3.785 liters). Driving style was not restricted, but a minimum speed of 30 miles/h (48 km/h) was required. Why a competition 'fuel efficiency' was/is organized and sponsored by oil companies and not by car manufacturers is surprising. Well, I don't have to understand everything.  

The winner of the 1973 Shell Wood River competition was Ben Visser, who set a stunning new world record in a heavily modified 1959 Shell Opel Rekord P1: 376.59 miles per gallon, which theoretically would have allowed one to drive from US West Coast to US East Coast in less than ten gallons. Theoretically, at least.  

The Opel was originally a station wagon with the roof cut off (lowered) and converted to a pickup, equipped with a 2-speed chain drive, a 4-cylinder engine that is almost completely isolated (including the entire radiator), an adapted air intake (the carburetor has a ¾-inch bore), and a mid-engine replacement. The rear wheels are connected to the center of the axle. The axle was lengthened by 12.7 inches. The names of the experimental team members who designed and prepared the car are proudly displayed on the tailgate.

Description: Opel Rekord P1 Caravan Fuel Economy Record 1973 Visser
Catalogue#: BRA2108
Product Type: Resincast
Scale: 1:43
Event: Road, Concept Cars
Colour: -
Drivers: Visser B
Sponsors: Shell, Martin Visser & Toots
Dates: 1973
Race/Position: Winner
Release Date: February 2024
Weight: 450 grams

Shell Wood River competition

Limited edition of 200 pieces.

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