Classic Racing Engines

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Classic Racing Engines by Book

Weight 1kg by Karl Ludvigsen
First published in 2001, this welcome reprint highlights fifty of the most significant engines in the history of motorsport. We start in 1913 with the 3-litre Peugeot and finish with Mercedes’ 1994 Indycar unit. There are one or two obvious omissions, BMW’s M12 Turbo units for example, but there’s no arguing with the choices that are included, from type 35 Bugatti, BRM V16, Mercedes straight-8, Climax FPF, Matra V12, Porsche flat-12 and of course the Cosworth DFV. Each engine has several pages dedicated to it describing specification and usage and there are photographs and technical drawings to illustrate each one. At the end there is a glossary of terms but if you need to look up what a shell bearing is or how the four-stroke cycle works, you probably wouldn’t be reading this in the first place!

Description: Classic Racing Engines
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Release Date: November 2017
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