Supermarine S5 Schneider Trophy 1927/29

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Supermarine S5 Schneider Trophy 1927/29 by Marsh Models Aerotech

Supermarine S5 Schneider Trophy 1927/1929
The Supermarine S5 was built to contest the 1927 Schneider Trophy and as part of a strong British contingent in the Venice race, the type took the first two places. Both of these are offered as decal options in the kit along with a solitary entry from 1929 when one of the older Napier-powered machines was sent to back up the newer Rolls Royce-powered S6s, finishing third. The majority of the kit parts are cleanly cast in resin, with just a few feed tags to remove and the main fuselage casting includes some vent detail which is unique to the later version and will need filling on the 1927 ones. Some of the smaller parts are in white metal and there’s a fair amount of photo-etch including surface radiators, exhaust trims, numerous fasteners and spokes for the wheels of the landing trolley.

Description: Supermarine S5 Schneider Trophy 1927/29
Catalogue#: MMAT32005
Product Type: Resin/Metal Kit
Scale: 1:32
Event: Aircraft, Sports
Colour: -
Drivers: Webster S, Worsley O, Greig D
Sponsors: #4, 5, 6
Dates: 1927, 1929
Race/Position: 1st
Release Date: November 2017
Weight: 650 grams
Comments: Schneider Trophy. Limited edition of 150 kits. Released 07/11/17

About Marsh Models Aerotech

Very well cast multi-media aircraft kits. 1:32nd scale concentrating on racing aircraft and 1:72nd on Axis fighters which didn't make it off the drawing board at the end of WW2. typical kit contents will see resin for the main fuselage and wings, with a mix of resin and white metal for small parts and thoughtful use of photo-etch, such as surface radiators and wing bracing wires on many of the Schneider trophy subjects. Made in England.

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